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Project management

Conquering Borders, Meeting Objectives

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At ULOG Perú, we manage the supply chain, providing specialized services for loading projects in the sectors:


·        Mining

·        Oil

·        Gas

·        Energy

·        Infrastructure

Our experienced team will manage End to End transportation efficiently and safely.

transportation engineering

Our team of engineers analyzes, designs, plans and executes each of our clients' requirements case by case, ensuring a tailored service, with technical support and safe, efficient and sustainable solutions.

List of services 

  • 3D and 4D simulation.

  • Route Study.

  • Infrastructure analysis: Topographic study,

  • Analysis of concavity and convexity.

  • Study and conditioning of reinforcement for bridges and road infrastructure.

  •  Oversized cargo transportation engineering.

  • Analysis of stowage and lashing plans.

  • Project execution.

  •  Third fleet administration.

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Marine transport

As part of TRANSTOTAL, we are administrators of important Shipping Lines with which we can provide personalized and efficient options to transport your merchandise to/from all international destinations or origins. Either upload to:

  • Bulk

  • Containers

  • Isotanks

  • Loose Project Loading

  • Breakbulk

  • Charters and part - Boat Charter

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Warehouse management

Our specialized team can fully and/or partially manage our clients' warehouses. Likewise, our flexibility allows us to design warehouses tailored to your requirements.

  • Analysis and Review of inventories (Kardex).

  • Analysis of Discrepancies.

  • Systems development and integration (WMS).

  • Warehouse Management Consulting:

    • Optimization of processes

    • Routes and resources.

  • Productivity studies.

  • Warehouse Layout Design.


Logistics Consulting for Projects

We use cutting-edge technology in our processes to maintain adequate control and visibility throughout the supply chain.

Customization is our main foundation to provide logistics consulting services:

List of services 

  • Logistics consulting.

  • Simulation and risk analysis.

  • Analysis of Quality, Health and Environmental Impact Systems (HSEC).

  • Analysis of social risks for transportation.

  • Equipment preservation.

  • Warehouse management and control of project materials.

  • Chartering: Air, sea and river.

  • Reverse Logistics.

  • PL analysis and Look ahead report

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Air Transport

We are experts in the management of logistical air transport services and we collaborate closely with leading airlines to offer you tailored and highly efficient solutions for the transfer of your goods to and from any national and international destination.

  • General

  • ULD

  • Palletized

  • Charters and part - Air Transport Charter


River transport

Our strategic partnerTranstotal Logistics Selva has extensive experience in specialized services in rivers and navigable waterways, optimizing the movement and storage of all types of merchandise in a safe, sustainable and economical manner on the main trade routes of the Peruvian Amazon.

  • General and dangerous cargo storage (covered and outdoors)

  • Inventory management

  • Stowage and unloading of various products

  • Container loading and unloading

  • Project cargo embarkation and disembarkation

  • Crane / forklift service

  • Packaging and palletizing of cargo

  • Gang

  • barge rental

  • Fuel transfer service

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Have you found any of our project management services interesting?

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